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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a painless, sterile, non-invasive, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of pain syndromes, injuries, wounds, neurological conditions and pathologies. Laser therapy can be used any time a patient needs a drug-less procedure for the control of pain, when conventional therapies have been ineffective, or when the acceleration of healing from injuries is desired.

Low level laser supplies energy to the body in the form of photons of light. Light is transmitted through the skin’s layers at all wavelengths in the visible range. However, light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum. When low level laser light waves penetrate deeply into the skin, they optimize the immune responses of our blood. This has both anti-inflammatory and immunostimulation effects. Light transmitted to the blood in this way has positive effects throughout the whole body, supplying vital oxygen and energy to every cell.

For most people, laser therapy is quite passive. There is no pulsating shocks felt, as in forms of electronic stimulation.

Generally, the more chronic or severe the condition, the longer it takes to respond. The majority of conditions treated will take anywhere from 4-5 or 10-15 treatments. Once again, the number of treatments depends upon the severity of the condition and its duration. You should notice a difference after 1-2 treatments but it may take 4-5 sessions before a dramatic or marked change is perceived.

Physiological Effects of LLLT
  • Bio-stimulation, including improve metabolism & increased cell metabolism

  • Improved blood circulation and vasodilation

  • Analgesic effect

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects

Benefits of LLLT to Users
  • Relieves acute and chronic pains

  • Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair

  • Increases blood supply

  • Simulates immune system

  • Stimulates nerve function

  • Develops collagen and muscle tissue

  • Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue

  • Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation

  • Reduces inflammation

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