Patient Resources


Consent Form
Patient Consent(PDF)

New Patient Form
New-Patient Form

Pre-Operative Checklist

Toe Nail Surgery
Toe-Nail-Surgery (PDF)

Fungal Nail Lazer Treatment Information
Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Fox 1064 Diode Lazer Treatment Protocol
THE FOX 1064 DIODE LASER for Nail Fungus – patient information



Arch Stretch

Balance – Level 1

Balance – Level 2

Balance – Level 3

Calf Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Heel Lift, Weight Bearing

Lateral Walk

Modified Lateral Walk

Peroneal Strengthening

Posterior Tibial Strengthening

Skiing Exercise

Sole Massage with Dowel

Sole Massage with Tennis Ball

Toe Scrunch

90-90 Stretch (Semimembranosus)