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Foot Massage

Skin Problems

What are corns?
Corns are areas of thick skin with a “core” usually with a focal point which can make them very painful. They commonly occur in areas of high pressure or friction such as on the top of the toes or on the bottom of the foot particularly if you have a foot deformity such as hammered toes. Softer corns sometimes form in between the toes. These are softer because of the sweaty skin between the toes. Corns press into the deeper layers of skin and can be painful causing inflammation.

What are calluses?
Calluses are larger and broader than corns, and have less well-defined edges. These are commonly found on the sole of the foot or top of the toes.

What causes corns and calluses?
The small bones of the toes and feet are broader and more lumpy near to the small joints of the toes. If there is extra rubbing or pressure on the skin overlying a small rough area of bone, this can cause the skin to thicken. The common reasons for this to happen are tight or poor fitting shoes as well as structural or biomechanical foot problems. If a thickened area of skin forms, this will cause even further pressure and rubbing if footwear is not fitted correctly. This may also lead to corns or calluses formation.


Careful and skilled use of a surgical instruments by a chiropodist will, in most cases, provide almost immediate relief of painful corns and calluses. It is very important that any pairing or skin lesions is done by a skilled and qualified chiropodist or podiatrist to minimize risk of infections and a satisfactory outcome. Once a corn or callus is trimmed down, it may not return if good footwear is used and any biomechanical issues are addressed.

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