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Virtually Painless Surgery for Ingrown Toenails

We understand the pain and distress that’s often associated with ingrown toenails. Toenail surgery may be advised in cases where ingrown toenails, fungal toenails, or deformed (dystrophic) toenails are unresponsive to other treatments. Toenail surgery is a specialized procedure performed in our Centre.


Using the latest in virtually painless injection technology, we’re able to minimize the discomfort that can sometimes be experienced in the administration of anesthetics for toenail surgeries.

Most patients:

  • Experience complete relief from discomfort following toenail surgery

  • Enjoy an improved appearance of the toenail or nail bed

  • Are able to return to normal function within days of treatment

Almost all toenail surgeries can be performed in our office, under a local anesthetic, in a safe and relaxed environment. And you can elect to have painless aesthetic injections to further enhance your comfort during surgery.

If toenail surgery is deemed appropriate for your condition, we’ll consult with you to determine proper aftercare, what to expect from the healing process, and how to prevent future toenail problems.

Laser Surgery

At the clinic we utilize the FOX A.R.C. laser which is a class 4 laser.

The versatile FOX laser assists in the treatment of many common podiatry applications such as:  Onychomycosis, Plantar warts, Soft tissue inflammation, Telangiectasia, Corns, and Matrixectomy.

Lasers are used for surgery to vaporize, coagulate, and cut tissue.

Call 705-741-4064, or send an email to to inquire or book your initial assessment with one of our professionals. 

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